Please Help Me


Does anyone have a hard time saying this word? I mean, of course, I can say it. “Can you hand me that, please. Can you scoot over, please.” It’s not a hard word to say, but why is it so hard to say when I really mean it? Why does saying please make me feel like I’m begging for something? Once upon a time, I would’ve willingly begged for something, but as I get older it just gets harder and harder. I suddenly feel like a weak link when I say please. The little, insecure girl inside of me starts to claw her way to surface and I panic and shove her back below the water.

Help Me

“Can you help me move this? Will you help me do this?” Such a simple phrase yet so hard to understand. Asking for help for little things is easy, but actually needing it can make a world of a difference. There’s a fear of rejection when you ask for help. What if the person doesn’t help you? What if you sound too needy? What if you don’t know why you need help but you just know that you need it? There never seems to be any answers to the ‘what if’s’ behind this phrase.

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