Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Skies are blue.

But they are blue here on Earth too. Don’t go looking for a happily ever after in a place that you’ve only dreamed about.

Life gets hard, bad things happen, but please don’t ever feel like death is the only way out. Suicide is not your only answer.

Never has the words “suicide” and “death” been so prominent in my vocabulary until I’ve reached college. It’s amazing at how many times I’ve learned about a student death since being here. As fun and exciting as college is, it definitely does have its downside. I wish I could say that the college life is always so green and happy but it isn’t.  Sometimes reality yanks you back and you realize that life can be just as shitty as it is happy.

You’ll never know who is thinking about committing suicide. It could be your best friend, your roommate, your friend, or your friend’s friend. People I would’ve never suspected were the ones to actually do it. These thoughts don’t pick and chose their next host, it flows through all of us at least once. Whether it be the pressure of peers, school, or family, it all roots from the same place- a sense of alienation and a feeling of no real choice.

Although I do not support the decision, I understand.  I understand you, and I understand the helplessness, but I urge you to seek another alternative. Find a friend, aunt, uncle, mentor, etc. and tell them your thoughts even if it was just a split second. It isn’t a joke, and it shouldn’t be treated as one.

If you feel like there’s no one to help, please call this line:


It’s better to talk to a stranger than to try and make a decision by talking to yourself. If you know someone who is thinking about it, refer them to this site or help them by educating yourself through the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

To all my loved ones that have gone out through suicide and everyone else who felt that it was their only way out, I understand. To all of my love ones that are thinking about it and everyone else who has ever had the thoughts, you are not alone; please seek out alternatives and know that you are not alone.

“We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey. “

~Kenji Miyazawa


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