And We’re Adulting in 3…2…1

Heeelllllooooo adulthood!

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Nice to meet you, I’m childhood and I must say I was not ready for any of this. I just wanted to dip my big toe into the water to test it out and before I knew it, this huge current dragged me in and dropped me in the deepest end of adulthood.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t as bad as I’m making it because I know it’s only going to get worst, but can we just acknowledge the huge reality check that I, along with all my other freshies, just received. I mean, everything was good; FAFSA covered my tuition, I only had to take out three-thousand in loans, and I have a job that pays. Life was sweet for the most part, BUT THEN, I come home and had the good sense to check my loans and seven dollars have been added to my loans.


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Okay, okay, it’s not even that bad, but dude that’s seven mcchickens if you think about it! I knew the interest would eventually build, so I don’t know why I’m so surprised, but it was definitely a reminder that I needed to stop playing around. After that, I spent most of my winter break applying for scholarships, more jobs, and sleeping. (Don’t judge me, adult stuff is hard.) Even through all of that, I still feel like a complete mess.

Legally, I’m an adult, but I still have the mentality of a seven year old. Like most people my age, I’m left feeling like a bag of struggle, regret, and exhaustion. As fun as the college life is, it also requires a sense of maturity that most of us have not developed yet(aka me). So, to all the children stepping into adulthood now, or who have already been dragged in unwillingly, hang in there.

It’s hard at first, and it’ll continue to get hard, but that’s okay. You’ll have responsibilities that you didn’t even know were responsibilities. You’ll experience some type of culture shock, and you’ll make friends that will either support you or leave you hanging. “Adulthood” isn’t meant to scare you, but to make you grow and realize all the potential you have. Of course, I wouldn’t follow my advice word for word, keep in mind I’m going through the struggle just as much as you, but hang in there. If it gets too hard, just stop; take a deep breath, get yourself some comfort food, and resume when you are ready.

“It takes courage to grow up and become  who you really are.”

-e.e cummings


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