Dear Grandma

Dear Grandma,

You are my hero. With you, I witness the purest form of humanity. You were filled with so much love, compassion, and patience. You shined brighter than the sun and showed me more than the moon ever could. Your wisdom flowed like a river, continuous, strong, and resourceful. 

With you, and only you, I showed my humanity. I shared my deepest thoughts, faced my deepest fears, and cried to my soul’s content with you. I presented myself to you in my most fragile state and you conditioned me to love her. You showed me how to embrace her and respect her; to accept that she was apart of me and will always be apart of me. 

With you, I witness the purest form of humanity… and without you, I discovered the other side. 

I saw a world filled with cruelty. I experienced feelings of indifference, hatred, and heartlessness. I fought with my feelings of hostility and battled with my bitterness. With you I saw love and without you I couldn’t see it at all. I subjected myself to the darker side of humanity and I don’t regret it one bit. 

I believe, that in a way, you prepared me for the worst. Your ability to show patience and love in the eyes of evil helped me overcome the darkest side of humanity. Even in my most bitter state, I showed compassion. In the worst situations, I showed patience. In the eyes of hatred, I showed love. 

And so, today, your 1 year death anniversary, I remember you as not only my grandma, but my mentor and my guide. I miss you more than anything. I think about you daily and remember your words of wisdom. Although my heart is still filled with a bitterness at your loss, I’ve learned to accept life as it is and embrace it as it comes. With love, compassion, and patience, I continue to live in your memory. You will always be my tais laus and I will always be your me nais. 

Yours truly, 

me nais.


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