Milwaukee, My Home

Today I woke up to text messages asking me if I’m safe. I was honestly so confused, and then I looked on social media and the news and I found out my city is burning.

My city. My home.

All I could think was, “No. No. No. We just graduated. We’re about to leave for college, about to start a new journey. Please don’t tell me someone I knew, someone I went to school with died and/or participated in this foolishness.”

As selfish as it sounds, I thought about my graduating class, my friends, and only them. I prayed that each and every single one of them were okay. I hoped that we would all make it out alive this summer and run away from Milwaukee, as far as we can. I prayed that we would all run away from home

I don’t know what happen, and I refuse to learn. If my city wants to act ignorant then I will continue to live in my ignorance as well.

I love Milwaukee, it will always be my home, but I refuse to follow the blind. I refuse to become another hashtag. I refuse to act on hate and anger. I refuse to follow just because everyone else is doing it.

Stay safe Milwaukee, and to my graduating class, I hope you make it out alive before the summer of 2016 ends. Emotions are running high- be with the right people who will influence you to do good and not pressure you into the bad.





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